Recruitment Services

Temporary & Contract Recruitment

The successful assignment of contractors can range from single placements with small private consultancies to complete construction teams and discipline management teams on large multi-million-pound site-based projects.

Search, Selection & Permanent Recruitment

香港最快开奖现场直播 Search and Selection is a specialist recruitment service handling permanent, contract and temporary appointments. The use of Search, whilst commonly considered appropriate for senior executive posts, can be just as pertinent for lower-level roles that justify the use of this method of recruitment for sourcing specialist skills. Potential candidates are identified through a process of in-depth research, which is derived from our databases, networking with existing and specifically generated candidates. An initial approach, made from referrals and personal recommendations quickly identifies those individuals of real interest. A shortlist is compiled of suitable candidates that are motivated to meet the client and suitably skilled, Omega will also present the client with a comprehensive report of all potential candidates and should an offer be made, Omega will continue to assist both client & candidate throughout the negotiation & offer process.

Permanent Recruitment

香港最快开奖现场直播 offers an extensive range of permanent recruitment solutions, providing a comprehensive service to both its clients and candidates. Drawing on a vast pool of key talent, Omega鈥檚 experienced teams across the UK provide a broad and flexible service to meet clients’ specific needs.

Omega works closely with its clients to understand their particular technical requirements and also their working environment and culture. Omega consultants utilise this knowledge when developing an appropriate recruitment strategy and as a guide in pre-selection interviews. Omega鈥檚 experienced recruiters have expertise in all aspects of recruitment and selection including:

Delivery Models

As a solutions provider, our delivery model is tailored to suit each client鈥檚 specific requirements but our services are broadly delivered by one of three routes:
  • Managed Service Provider / Master Vendor
  • Preferred Supplier
  • Sole Supplier

Managed Service Provider / Master vendor model

As a managed service provider our role is to deliver to 100% of a clients recruitment requirements. In order to achieve this, we implement and manage a supply chain with the aim of delivering 70-80% of all requirements ourselves outsourcing the remainder to the supply chain. This not only ensures delivery of the service including niche skills but also mitigates against both the immediate and future risks attributable to a client closing its doors to suppliers.


    • Single point-of-contact for all recruitment requirements
    • Reduced Costs
    • Efficiency Improvements
    • Verifiable Metrics & Reporting Tools
    • Online timesheet and authorisation process – providing enhanced transparency and real-time management information

Preferred Supplier

We work with a number of clients in this manner, normally as one of several Preferred Suppliers whereby each supplier receives all requirements but it has usually been established that each supplier has a particular strength. In this case, as opposed to the Managed Service model, the client manages and engages with the supply chain directly.

Sole Supplier

This is more suited to Project-specific contracts where dedicated teams are required, the cohesion of the team is the driver and therefore single-sourcing is the best solution.